Welcome to the “How I Got In..” podcast.

Join Taylor Craig, a professional network and physical pentester, as he takes you behind the scenes of some of the most intriguing and daring engagements in the world of cybersecurity. In “How I Got In…”, Taylor sits down with fellow professional pentesters and social engineers to unravel the mysteries of their most challenging assignments and uncover the tactics and strategies they used to gain access to secure locations.

Each episode delves into the real-life experiences of these cybersecurity experts, exploring their methodologies, tools, and techniques for bypassing physical and digital security measures. From infiltrating corporate offices and data centers to penetrating government facilities and high-security installations, no challenge is too great for the guests of “How I Got In…”.

Whether you’re a seasoned cybersecurity professional, an aspiring pentester, or simply curious about the world of ethical hacking, this podcast offers a unique and captivating insight into the minds of those who specialize in breaching defenses and outsmarting security systems.

Tune in to “How I Got In…” and discover the secrets behind some of the most audacious security breaches, told firsthand by the individuals who orchestrated them.

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